Everything around us is synthetic. The world that we live in is synthetic. Is all about plastic, dust, fierce materials that dissolve in a calm ocean and spreading around like a flower blooming in the spring.

As this London based project Tomaga puts it in their new album, there’s a certain shape of the dance. Such as their previous LP, this 8 tracks LP is all about exploring new sounds and new dimensions and trying to create a new space for the music, one that is free of any certain limits.

Combining industrial, jazz, psychedelia and minimalism in a wide-ranging manner, The Shape of the Dance is a perfect album for autumn, dealing with weird sounds and peculiar melodies and harmonies. Their futuristic sound brings to surface ancient musical themes, filtered with harmonic passages and harsh sounds.

This new album of Tomaga has it all. It brings to audiences a sublime, melancholic and ending sense, but succeeds in being very consistent.

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1. Tuscan Metalwork
2. Stone Comb
3. The Shape Of The Dance
4. Scacco Matto
5. A Perspective With No End
6. Questionable Art In Public Spaces
7. Four Ducks Dead
8. Gonda's Dream