Uranus Garden
Uranus 144, București

A quiet place to relax in the center of Bucharest, with a lush garden, open during summer. The Uranus Garden (Gradina Uranus) hides one of the last standing water castles in Bucharest, engineered by Anghel Saligny and built sometime around the 1800s. The landmark survived massive demolition during the Communist period and multiple fires.

Uranus Garden manages to capture the true essence of Outernational and urban space in Bucharest, tempting through a combo of distinct elements. Although it is an open-air space in which the green color is queen, the garden is found in the center of the city, and a relaxed, cool atmosphere is created in the heart of chaos and unrest. Uranus Garden is a sheer oasis, around which everything gravitates with speed.

The Ark
Uranus 150, București

The Ark is one of the most interesting heritage buildings in Bucharest which has recently been renovated. Located in the capital's center, near Palace of Parliament and one minute from the Uranus garden, The Ark building – known as The Commodities Stock Exchange since 1898 – hosts a unique interior with one of the most modern designs in the architectural landscape of Bucharest.

Part of an industrial architecture complex from 1898, the building once represented the main international trade spot in Romania.