The ”@saintbollard” exhibition that will take place at Uranus Garden during the festival is the work of American artist Andrew Choate.

These photographs of bollards––the small pillars, usually made from concrete or metal, that obstruct traffic and protect pedestrians, buildings or equipment––articulate how the easy-to-miss objects of everyday life exist and express the unconscious variety of colors, shapes and rhythms that are a part of every city in the world. Accidental aesthetics meets public safety and functionality via the singular needs of any specific point in space.

Andrew Choate is an artist born and raised in South Carolina, author of "Stingray Clapping," "Language Makes Plastic of the Body," "Too Many Times I See Every Thing Just the Way It Is" and, most recently, "Learning", a self-help/mystery collage.

His radio plays and sound works have been broadcast on WDR in Germany, Radio Arte Mobile in Italy, Hipersônica in Brazil, Resonance FM in England, and various outlets in the US. As The Unwrinkled Ear, he produces a monthly concert series dedicated to bringing the international world of improvised music to Los Angeles, and hosts a radio show on KCHUNG every other Tuesday from 5-7pm PST.

His Instagram page @saintbollard is an index devoted to photographs of bollards and has over forty-eight thousand followers. He has been invited to present his bollard writing and photography around the world: at the Material Art Fair in Mexico City for Bikini Wax gallery; performing at the Kulcsar Haus in Vienna; organizing a bollard tour for Atlas Obscura in Los Angeles; headlining the Dunedin Fringe Festival in New Zealand - where he won the award for Best Visual/ Performance Art as well as the Warwick Broadhead Memorial Award. Articles and interviews with him about his bollard project have been featured by the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, the Otago Daily Times (New Zealand), Quartz, The Free Times, AQNB, and Atlas Obscura.