Video: Oiseaux Tempete new video for Carnaval

Video: Oiseaux Tempete new video for Carnaval

Oiseaux Tempete shares new live video for the single "Carnaval", feat. Mondkopf, Abed Kobeissy, Ali El Hout and Charbel Haber. The video is directed by As Human Pattern.

"AL-'AN ! ("Now!" in Arabic) is the third part of a journey that commenced in 2012. A two part - aesthetic and political - proposition. How to build something that speaks of the present, that transcribes it, mirrors it, opens discourse and questions, and provokes the sharing of experience that conjures away this contemporary malaise of powerlessness and, in turn, opens doors to a common future? [...]

With AL-‘AN!, OISEAUX-TEMPÊTE have achieved a far more complex work, richer in texture, the intertwining of acoustic elements with electronica, roaming and shaking the foundations of this almost labyrinthian personal opus of an album. As ever, the group realising both the immersive and also the total physicality on the record.

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