Video: Pauline Anna Strom - Ether Antenna + Trans-Millenia Music

Video: Pauline Anna Strom - Ether Antenna + Trans-Millenia Music

On the eve of Trans-Millenia Music’s release, a collection of transcendental work by Pauline Anna Strom, the American imprint RVNG Intl shares a special preview of Australian director Michael Candy’s short film Ether Antenna, featuring music from Strom’s collection.

Strom’s transportive synthesizer music serves as the score for a film which follows a cast of anthropomorphic robots on their surreal journey through Nepal. As described by Candy, Ether Antenna fuses spirituality and robotics while exploring “humanity’s paradoxical affinity between technology and ecology.”

The techno-critters of Ether Antenna were designed and constructed by Candy during a 2016 residency at RAN (the Robotics Association of Nepal)—their purpose to “act specifically as puppets and carry out precise interactions through different scenes and scenarios.” Candy chose Strom’s music to soundtrack the film for its wandering, wondering qualities.

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*photo by Aubrey Trinnaman